Physical Therapy services aligned with medical pain care philosophy.

A medical practice with a complete physiotherapy team on staff.

Pain care and pain preventions is often far more than just medical treatment.

Recovering from any medical procedure or injury that causes pain can be a complex process. It requires patience and attentiveness beyond just the moment of treatment. This is where physical therapy plays a huge role in pain management and prevention. Physical therapy helps manage the recovery process while giving patients the potential opportunity to learn new ways to manage, diminish, or eliminate their pain on their own in the future.

The Pain Group’s Physical Therapy team works in an environment connected with the best pain care physicians on Long Island, allowing our Therapists insight into each patient’s unique pain circumstances. With expertise in all areas of therapeutic recovery from surgical procedures and injury, our amazing staff has a broad range of understanding the wide variety of causes for pain. Meanwhile, we place a priority on helping our patients learn ways to manage their pain and possibly prevent it in the future.

Our treatment options offer enough variety to provide therapy care for all sorts of patients, from those recovering from major surgery, to athletes managing sports injuries, to patients who just need to develop new modes of managing their pain, we are able to scale our care to fit every possible physical therapy need.

Physical Therapy Center Hours

through Friday
8:30am – 7:00pm
8:30am – 7:00pm

Our Physical Therapy Services

  • Specialized manual therapy
  • Therapy for sports-related injuries
  • Orthopedics
    • Pre- and post-surgery therapy
    • Lower-back pain therapy
  • Therapy for neurological conditions
  • Extensive gym facility
  • Multiple treatment options

A truly complete facility.

Our facility is equipped with an extensive therapeutic gym space. Plenty of space to accommodate multiple patients with differing needs, yet still personal and easy to help you focus on your therapists treatment. We have a range of equipment which we frequently replace and expand, allowing us to constantly develop new modes of physical therapy treatments. We don’t just think of it as a space to help you recover from pain and develop better physical health, but truly a space helped to launch you towards a more successful understanding of your body.