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Our philosophy is simple: Pain care should go beyond pain treatment.

Our outlook on pain care.

There's a reason we are one of the fastest growing pain management and rehabilitation practices on Long Island.

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Managing pain is a highly personal experience. While management relies on medical expertise, the process is vastly improved when treatment is cornerstones in human compassion. It's this kind of common sense guides The iMsk & Spine Group's growing practice.

Our doctors have vast experience guiding their approach towards your treatment. This experience allows us to see past the list of symptoms to understand the true impact of pain. Competent patient treatment goes beyond succinct diagnosis; it also requires an understanding of the patient's relationship to the pain and what the most appropriate course of treatment is intended to be.

In short, we're human beings. In a medical landscape so often dominated with impersonal approaches to health, The iMsk & Spine Group takes a deep and personal pride in maintaining a practice that is at once highly effective and keenly insightful. Our goal is to see pain managed and, where possible, recovery so that life can be enjoyed. Because that is what pain management and rehabilitation care should be all about: helping to diminish the pain obstacles that challenge your everyday life.

We're grateful to all our terrific patients for making us one of the top pain management and rehabilitation firms in New York. We invite you to explore our practice and learn more why The iMsk & Spine Group continues to be one of the fastest growing and most trusted practices on Long Island.

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As a service to our existing patients, the iMsk & Spine Group's Patient Portal allows you direct access to  important information regarding your care. Whether making and updating appointments with our physicians, double-checking if your medical information is accurate, or any other key aspects of your care, our Patient Portal is your personal link to medical information.

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Patient accounts are set up internally through our main office as soon as you are accepted as a patient at iMsk & Spine Group. If you are a patient and are uncertain of your account access credentials, please contact our Freeport, NY location for assistance accessing your account.

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