Tanvi Mehta, P.T., MsPT

Head of Department – Physical Therapy

Tanvi Mehta strongly believes practicing rehab science is a recognizable craft which takes concentration and open mindset.

Rehab science sets expectation which is alterably different than hope and judgement.

The focus is to navigate the patient’s psychology which oscillates between fear and vulnerability at the start, to ensuring stability and fearlessness at the end of the Programme.

Progress Ladder

Tanvi has had her initial undergraduate training in physical therapy, her deep interest led her to seek a Masters in Rehab Science, and she passed out with distinction.  

Tanvi has also worked extensively as a Research assistant with Dr. Sara Piva on RCTs involving rehabilitation involving lower extremities and has an avid research interest in the field of Musculoskeletal and patient rehabilitation.

Her research approach combined with the practioners approach reflects the multidisciplinary guide to treat patients with close to decade of practice.

Areas of Interest
Primary Areas of Interest

Musculoskeletal with strong emphasis on Evaluation and Rehab exercise programs.

Niche Areas of Expertise and Interest

Post operative care of Knee joints, Spine, and Shoulder joint with extreme focus on getting back the range of motion and stability of muscles and designing programs for faster recovery.

Tanvi resides in Long Island, and loves coffee. Tanvi has her own dream journey filled with evangelistic zeal for patient care and rehab science.