Dr. Daniel J. Kapner, D.O.

Partner and Physician

Joining The iMsk & Spine Group in 2018, Dr. Daniel Kapner brings a focused practicality to the team of physicians. Specializing in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Dr, Kapner’s personal passion for the body’s ability to heal stems from his longtime passion for fitness and nutrition.

The cornerstone of Dr. Kapner’s approach to practice comes from gaining a deep understanding of how the human body possesses incredible capacities to heal itself. Indeed, our capacities to heal are one aspect that makes the human species so successful.  Therefore, his practice extenuates this ability through maximizing and restoring functionthrough various therapies, modalities, interventions and medication.

Dr. Kapner believes patients – and all of us – are best sorted by listening to what the body tells us, and to understand the messages it sends. Therefore, being self-motivated insight with the body is the most powerful medicine.

Being a Long Island native, Dr. Kapner’s personal time is spent with his growing family, and continuing his personal passion for fitness and nutrition.